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Cal Coast at Cypress

Cal Coast Track Club

The Cal Coast Track Club of Southern California has members composed of youth and adult, casual, competitive, master, and elite runners and walkers. 

Cal Coast offers individual coaching and group training programs for all levels on a year-round basis. No matter what your level of running is, or whatever your goal is, we have a program for you. Along with the various training programs we offer, the club also conducts monthly social events, club races, and road trips. 

Our key to success is providing a fun and healthy environment.

Contact Us Cal Coast Track Club

Phone: 949-394-5538

Coach's  Corner

"In order to exceed at anything you must give everything.  Some folks think that there should be some kind of a shortcut. The answer is if you take a shortcut you will be the first one to the wrong place."

the coach (with help from my friends)

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Upcoming Cal Coast Track Club "Race-of-the-Month"

(See Calendar for details)

     March - Carlsbad 5000

Weekly Adult Workouts

Tuesday Evening
     5:30pm at CdM High School Track
                              (Speed/Interval Training)

Thursday Evening
     5:45pm at Monument (corner of Eastbluff and Back Bay Dr)
                              (Tempo Training)

Saturday Morning
     7:00am at CdM High School Track
                             (Distance Training)

Get In Touch

PO Box 7132
Newport Beach, CA 92658