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Cal Coast at Cypress

Cal Coast Track Club

The Cal Coast Track Club of Southern California has members composed of youth and adult, casual, competitive, master, and elite runners and walkers. 

Cal Coast offers individual coaching and group training programs for all levels on a year-round basis. No matter what your level of running is, or whatever your goal is, we have a program for you. Along with the various training programs we offer, the club also conducts monthly social events, club races, and road trips. 

Our key to success is providing a fun and healthy environment.

Contact Us Cal Coast Track Club

Phone: 949-394-5538

Weekly Adult Workouts

Tuesday Evening  5:30 PM

Turtle Rock Community Park

1 Sunnyhill

Irvine, CA


Thursday Evening
     5:45pm at Monument (corner of Eastbluff and Back Bay Dr)
                              (Tempo Training)

Saturday Morning
     7:00am at CdM High School Track
                             (Distance Training)






Race News

Cal Coast at 2019 Carlsbad 5K

By Jeff Salzman 04/09/2019, 6:30pm PDT

In a race where Edward Cheserek tied the world 5K road mark of 13:29 his performance was almost overshadowed (but not quite, congratulations Edward!) by the Cal Coast showing at Carlsbad.  Running against some of the best in the country our Masters team was led by Jacques Sallberg (fresh off his USATF National XC victory in Tallahassee) with a 3rd place finish followed closely by John Gardiner and Christian Cushing-murray.

A special shoutout goes Roosevelt Cook who today completed his 9th Carlsbad5000.  After 8 victories of crossing the finish line first in the 30 - 39 age group race this years race was changed to a 39 & under race where he was edged out by a 27 year old in the overall race but still winning the 30-39 group.  Roosevelt has had the most wins of any athlete in the history of the event, and we at Cal Coast are looking forward to him joining our Masters runners to extend those victories. 

Mens Elite
     Josh Espinoza 14:50

Masters Men - 40 & Over
     Jacques Sallberg (44) 15:21 [3rd Overall]
     John Gardner (46) 15:45
     Christian Cushing-murray (51) 16:08
     Frederick Herr (52) 17:32
     Greg Keyes (51) 17:35
     Mike Connors (51) 18:02
     Kurt Whittington (41) 18:32
     Rob Arsenault (53) 20:45
     Coach Sumner (71) 22:31
     John Combs (71) 23:00

Masters Women - 40 & Over
     Yayoi Liu (62) 23:49
     Diana Keyes (49) 25:51

Men 39 & Under
     Roosevelt Cook (39) 14:56 [2nd Place Overall]
     Jose Penaloza (24) 15:36
     Dalton Seckinger (22) 17:08

Women 39 & Under
     Leilani Rios (39) 18:57


Cal Coast Elite at the Encinitas Half

By Jeff Salzman 04/01/2019, 8:30am PDT

Over 4800 runners registered for the very popular Encinitas Half Marathon this year.   Cal Coast Elite were led by Bijan Mazaheri along with impressive performances from Jose Penaloza for the men and Ashlee Powers for the women.

Bijan Mazaheri 1:05.59  2nd Overall
Jose Penaloza  1:13.19  9th Overall
Ashlee Powers  1:18.09  13th Overall (3rd Place female)

Event Info

In his first race as a Cal Coast Elite Kevin Horchler of La Mirada wins the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K in San Diego in the time of 47:37 a pace of 5:07 per mile.  Kevin finished almost 7 minutes ahead of the nearest competitor.  Congratulations Kevin and welcome to the Cal Coast family.

Event Information

Cal Coast's day started off with Arielly Conde leading a field of 43 runners to the W800 in a time of 2:13.31   AC ran off the front the entire race holding her 2nd and 3rd place competitors off with a gritty performance down the final straight.

Josh Espinoza followed with a stunning victory in the Men's Steeplechase with a time of 8:53.66.  A six second PR for Espinoza whose last SC was run in 2015 as a student at Vanguard University.

In Cal Coast's final victory of the day Tracee van der Wyck  ran away from a field of 16 runners running all alone for the entire race to win the W10000 in a time of 35:30.01

In the W5000 Cal Coast Elite sisters Chelsey Albertson and Weslie Pearce finished 3rd and 5th respectively in a field of 153 runners spread over 4 very crowded heats heats.

Other Cal Coast performances were posted in the M5000 by Dan Gagne and Jose Gonzalez Vera as well as Tim Lam who doubled in the M800 & M1500

Thank you goes out to all our athletes for the club's successful showing at Oxy as well as to the many club members also in attendance in their capacity as collegiate coaches for a number of the local colleges and universities.

Event Results

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