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Cal Coast Elites at 2018 Spirit Run

By Jeff, 03/18/18, 1:15PM PDT


Cal Coast had a wildly successful day at the 2018 Spirit Run including great performances by Masters runners John Gardiner and Christian Cushing-murray in the Elite Mile.

Cal Coast Elites came close to running the table in the 5K & 10K races including a number of runners who 'doubled' in these events including the "Dueling Double" of Roosevelt Cook and Jose Madera.  

Elites "top 10" finishes are highlighted below.

Men's 10K

     Roosevelt Cook - 1st
     Jose Madera - 2nd
     Nick Spector - 4th
     Jose Penaloza - 5th
     Matt Soto - 7th
     David Cummings -8th

Men's 5K

     Jorge Jabaz - 2nd
     Roosevelt Cook - 3rd
     Jose Madera - 4th
     Josh Espinoza - 6th
     Jose Penaloza - 9th
     Nick Spector - 10th

Elite Mile (Men)

     Barron Maizland - 5th
     Josh Espinoza - 7th

Elite Mile (Women)

     Holly Hobson-Gery - 6th
     Arielly Conde - 7th

Dog Mile

     Sean Gildea - 2nd

Lookup results for all of our runners at:  2018 Spirit Run Results