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Brea 8K Dominant Showing by Cal Coast/Skechers Elites

By Jeff, 02/26/18, 10:00AM PST


By any metric one choses Cal Coast/Skechers Elites had an exceptional showing at the Brea 8K.

Men's performances:
     -3 of the top 5 places, or
     -5 of the top 10 places, or 
     -11 of the top 20 places

Women's performances:
     -2 of the top 3 places 

Dave Marks our newest Cal Coast/Skechers member won the 2018 Break 8K followed by Roosevelt Cook (who might be our oldest Elite.  I need to check that!) finishing 4th and Jose Madera in 5th place. 

Dave, welcome to the team, and way to go Rosey and Jose.

The Cal Coast/Skechers women were led by Ashlee Powers taking 1st place  followed by Ashley Bell in 3rd place.  Awesome!

Brea 8K Results