Leilani Rios


  • Mile - 5:08
  • 5000m - 17:06
  • 8000m - 29:26
  • 10,000m - 35:30
  • Half Marathon - 1:17.03
  • Marathon - 2:46.47

Leilani Rios

     Birthdate:  January 17, 1980
     Birthplace:  Compton, CA
     Current Residence:  Beaumont, CA
     High School:  San Gorgonio High School
     College:  CSU Fullerton, 2006

     INSTAGRAM - leilanimrios

I run because I love pushing myself beyond what I think I can do.  I continue to see how far I can go.  I also love the fact that even though I’ve been running for over 20 years I still think I have so much to learn.  I run because I absolutely love the feeling it gives you.  It’s a cure all to everything, and it makes me ridiculously happy.  My best mood is after a run, so if you want something…..see me after a workout.


  • 4-time Champion - Woodbridge 4th of July 5K
  • 3-time Champion - Downtown Anaheim 5K
  • 3-time Champion - Make Room For Santa 5K
  • 3-time Champion - Distance Derby
  • 3-time Champion - Dove Dash 5K
  • 2-time Champion - Dino Dash 10K
  • ​​​​​​​2-time Champion - Surf City 10 Miler